A129 Car Camera 3 Wire ACC Hardwire Kit Cable HK3 for Parking Mode

  • Adjustable voltage low voltage protection function, it will cut power to your dash camera when detect the vehicle battery voltage is below the set number. It has four voltage options 11.8V, 12V, 12,2V, 12.4V
  • With ACC detection feature, dash cam will switch to parking mode automatically if the vehicle engine off, and switch back to normal recording after vehicle engine on. Please be sure the cable is connected to the camera directly, not through the GPS mount.
  • Support three parking recording modes, auto event detection, time lapse and low bitrate recording
  • Also fit for A119/A119S/A119 PRO dash cam, but ACC function will not be available.
  • Length of Cable: 4 meters.
  • Note: Fuse Tap is not included default, please choose your required Fuse Type Options.
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A129 Car Camera 3 Wire ACC HK3 Hardwire Kit for Parking Mode

24 Hour Surveillance and Protects Against Battery Dying

Three parking recording options: 

Auto Event Detection: Automatically record when detecting moving objects or impact while car is parking.

Time Lapse: Photography at specified intervals so that they can playback much faster than real time.

Low Bitrate Recording: Record video at low bitrate to save storage space.

A129 HK3 Hardwire kit
18 Items

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