Git2P Hidden Function Introduction- Motion-activated PHOTOGRAPHY

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Git2P 90° is an action camera with extremely high-resolution options as 2560×1440P without distortion or fisheye which adopts GYRO IS to steady your movie and erase the bumps. Some Git2P 90° users photograph professionally for aerial photography as well as bird photography. This popular action camera updates the firmware to V1.3 which allows motion-activated photography. 

What is motion-activated photography?

As motion detection which is triggered to record videos by motions, motion-activated photography will be triggered to take photos by motions. That is to say, if the Git2P action camera detects motions, it will start to take photos. 

Git2P action camera supports both motion-activated videos and motion-activated photography. The sensitivity of motion detection could choose to low/medium/high.

How can I set motion-activated photography?

Please update the Git2P firmware V1.3 first and follow these steps to set it.

  • Turn on your Git2P action camera.
  • Press to select photo mode.
  • Press into menu settings.
  • Browse and select motion detection option to off/low/medium/ high.

Then you will get photos automatically taken by Git2P when it detects motions.

What I can do with motion-activated photography?

Especially for bird lovers

Motion-activated photography is a function to meet bird lovers’ needs originally. If you want to take pictures of birds by traditional method of photography, birds will be disrupted and fly away. With this function, you could make a bird net and hide the Git2P action camera behind the bird net. Prepare some food for birds, the Git2P action camera will take photos for birds when they are eating naturally.  One of our GitUp users, a famous birdlover, uses GitUp action camera gets great bird pictures. Here is the website link

Observe and photograph animals

This function could not only take pictures for birds but also photograph other animals you would like to take pictures without disturbing them. You could also take pictures for your pet when you are not at home.

Do professional research about animals

If you need to do research for birds or animals and write dissert, the action-activated photography as well as motion-activated videos will help you to collect enough data without bringing any deviation and impact. Former researchers have already use motion-activated photography to document birds’ nesting and food habits for a whole year and public a thesis.

Take pictures during tourism

During tourism, Git2P action camera could help you to save every motion you want all the time. It could help you to selfie your different pose in beautiful scenery no matter if you travel with others who are not good at taking photos or travel alone.

How to update the firmware?

Click here to latest firmware version of Git2P

Please choose 170° or 90° firmware version that suits your action camera correctly.

Follow this guide about how to update firmware.

Where can I get one Git2P?

Buy from Amazon UK

Buy from AliExpress GitUp official store 

Buy from VIOFO official website

Buy from GitUp official website


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