Mini HK3 ACC Hardwire Kit Cable For A119V3/A129 Duo/A129 Duo IR/A129 Pro Duo/A129 Plus Duo

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    Adjustable voltage low voltage protection function, it will cut power to your dash camera when detect the vehicle battery voltage is below the set number.

    With ACC detection, dash cam will switch to parking mode automatically if the vehicle engine off, and switch back to normal recording after vehicle engine on.

    Support three parking recording modes: auto event detection, time lapse and low bitrate recording.

    Note: Fuse Tap is not included default, please choose your required Fuse Type Options (You can confirm the proper option from your local car store or from our viofo support).

    If can't make sure of the specific type, consider this Full Set Fuse Tap with ATC ATS MICRO2 Mini Adapter Holder.

    Fuse Type Options

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    Hardwire Kit for Parking Mode

    Parking mode provides surveillance on your parked vehicle. When the engine is off, Hardwire Kit is used to provide continuous power and protect your car battery from discharge.

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    Automatic Parking Mode

    With ACC detection, the dash cam will switch to parking mode automatically if the vehicle engine is shut off. The dash cam will switch into normal recording when the vehicle engine is on.

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    Battery Discharge Prevention

    HK3 ACC Hardwire kits will provide continuous power to your dashcam in parking mode until your car battery voltage drops to the configured value.

    Configurable Voltage Cut-off

    VIOFO HK3 ACC Hardwire kits lets you set a voltage cut-off value with 4 options, when the voltage of vehicle’s battery drops to the cut-off value, HK3 will stop powering your dashcam, thus protecting your battery from discharge.

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    12 / 24V Compatible

    HK3 ACC Hardwire kits connects the camera directly to the car, truck, bus, SUVs, or big rig for continuous power, accepts voltage from any type of vehicles runs on 12 – 24V.

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