Why Was my Review Flagged by Amazon?

Synoptic 12

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Sep 12, 2021
United States
Here is the exact review submitted to Amazon, as the review was disallowed. Could any provide answers as to why the review was not in accordance with Amazon? All replies appreciated.
Upon purchasing the Viofo A119 V3 from Amazon, I found the unit to be of high quality, well built, and very ergonomic. The menu settings provide an abundance of settings for video formats, accompanied by the additional composition of functions to fine tune the dash camera. A Sony STARVIS IMX335 5MP Sensor is adjoined to the Novatek NT96670 chipset. Sony sensors, namely the Starvis and Exmor are the finest for night vision, none better. *The recommended setting for top performance is 2K - 2560x1440P resolution at 30fps with H.264 codec. Some may prefer the 1080P. There is also an option for TS (Transport Stream) or MP4. I much prefer MP4, in that TS is an older application. However, both work well. The super capacitor is a benefit over a polymer battery, which is better in hot climates. The vent holes on the camera disperse any lingering heat from the camera. The audio is very good. Flawless operation out of the box.

* I received the 2.4 Firmware Version.

The video quality is outstanding and the audio is fairly good. One can use up to 256 GB for a Micro SDXC memory card which would provide many hours of recording, contingent upon the video settings. The 135-140 degree Field of View is benchmark and provides ample viewing to capture any event.

Some have claimed that they could not play the 1440P in Windows Media player, yet I had no issues in viewing the files.

*Firmware Changelog:

A119 V3 - Firmware 2.4

Revision: Added 2560 x 1080P 60fps resolution

A119 V3 2.5- Firmware Changelog:

1. Add resolution: 2880x2160 P30 (once chosen , cam will automatically switch to H.265.)

2. Remove resolution: 3840*2160P 24FPS .

3. An icon similar to the memory card logo will be displayed on the screen once switching to H.265.

4. Enlarge the 2880*2160 30fps watermark font.

This has to be one of the finest dash cameras on the market at present, more so than Go Pro and Street Guardian. I cannot find any detractions for the Viofo A119 V3. We would advise applying a light coating of dielectric grease to the GPS contact pins, and to the strips on the camera, to keep a secure, rust free connection: prior to mounting, (at the outset). If one has no GPS, there is no reason to do so.

Our consensus is to not hesitate to purchase, especially from a trusted company, Viofo. I’ve had the opportunity to confer with Viofo relating to properties associated with the aforesaid model, along with issues regarding purchases. I found customer service: chat, email, and internal emails to be more than helpful in assisting me with all facets relating to the Viofo dash cameras. We would highly recommend Viofo, and the Viofo A119 V3. The price is most reasonable and Viofo stands by all its products. In my personal opinion, I find Viofo to be the benchmark of all dash cameras. Rating at 5 stars, “plus”.

In terms of reading all the negative comments regarding the Viofo A119 V3, there are an abundance of people making false or inaccurate claims. Many negative reviews consist of people with little, to no knowledge of electronics. More so, many comments are from people seeking to diminish the quality of Viofo. I’ve been in the electronics arena for well over forty years, and this is an excellent camera.

We continue to purchase from Amazon for they are a most trusted source, and the quality of their products are unequaled by any other. Customer service remains outstanding.

China has the technical expertise in dash cameras and all the components associated thereof. They have been the leader in the dash cam industry, whereby the U.S. has recently moved to produce a few products, namely Garmin. If I were to choose in purchasing a dash camera, it would definitely be manufactured in China, without any doubt. To speak of products being made in China, as not having any value; is a complete loss of comprehension by those having no knowledge of raceway circuitry, or circuit boards. China has been the mainstay of all dash cameras for a great many years "Period".