Viofo dashcam app software development ideas.


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Aug 4, 2018
I've just installed my Viofo A129 Duo into our 2018 Honda HR-V, and I've only used the Viofo app on my phone to view the live recording in order to properly position the camera on their appropriate windows. However, there is one thing lacking with this app that I'd like to see improved.

I have a home surveillance system with several cameras surrounding our house, and I use the manufacturers phone app to allow me to view any single camera, four cameras, or eight cameras at any single time. While viewing any single camera from our home surveillance app, I can easily change to a different camera by simply swiping left or right to move to a different camera. Granted, the A129 is only a dual camera system, but is the functionality of simply swiping left or right to change camera view something you can incorporate into the Viofo app for the A129 Duo?

This would make changing camera views significantly easier and quicker, and it would be a great improvement to the app. For example, the first screen at app start/connection should display the front camera, swipe right one time to view the rear camera view, swipe up to view front overlay view of both cameras, and swipe down to view the rear overlay view of both cameras.