Viofo A129 Duo totally dead after firmware update


New Member
Aug 19, 2019
The camera was only installed in my car 3 days ago but I noticed that many or all of the videos it recorded were corrupted so they could not even be viewed on the Viofo app on my phone - they just give errors. therefore, I decided to use the Viofo app on the phone to upgrade the firmware to the latest version. After the app had downloaded the firmware file it then asked me to connect back to the camera by WiFi ( which I did ) and it then indicated that the update was successful and I should wait for the camera to restart. I waited 10 minutes but the camera never restarted! The Rec LED was lit permanently the whole time ( i.e. not flashing ) but it never restarted and now the camera does not work at all. If the ignition is turned on ( or a USB cable inserted ) then the Rec LED lights up but the display never comes on any more. The camera is totally dead after spending a lot for the camera and the installation.
You may try to reset by using paper clip. Good luck.