Using Git1 as a Dash Cam


New Member
Dec 10, 2015

Nowadays it's easy to transform an action camera into dash camera as features like Auto-Start on/off, image rotation, loop recording and so on which originate from dash camera now have implemented in action camera.
Git1 is no exception but it has gone much further for using as a dash cam. Besides the general dash cam features, some additional functions are also implemented in Git1.
  • G-sensor
A G-sensor is triggered by a g-force event like an impact or a sudden braking maneuver. Whenever an event is detected, the camera will automatically mark the current footage for safekeeping (so it won’t accidentally get deleted by the loop recording).

  • Auto Screen Off
Auto Screen Off can record the video without screen on, which can save the power to prolong the camera's recording time.

  • Car License number
You can customize the stamp number with your car license number making it easy to identify in some conditions, it supports maximum 31 characters including the space. (See more at:
  • Turn off audio while recording
You can turn off the audio while recording by one-click in case some secrets known by camera. This feature has been highly praised by our end users. (See more at:
And we also know the importance of car mount and frame, so our team has designed a handy frame and a suction cup mount which can secure your Git1 in the car perfectly.
Unlike the general frame, this kind of frame is simpler, lighter and more durable. What's more, it's so convenient that you can get the video data even without unplugging the cables or removing the camera from the frame.

For using Git1 as dash cam, please do not forget to enable the car DVR mode in system setting, after this mode enabled, the top LED light and the front LED light will be off.