Time-Lapse apps that help make calculations


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Jun 26, 2016
As owners of the Gitup action camera are aware, the time-lapse settings shot in these 8 modes:

One Frame every 200ms
One Frame every 1 sec
One Frame every 5 sec
One Frame every 10 sec
One Frame every 30 sec
One Frame every 1 min (60 sec)
One Frame every 5 min (300 sec)
One Frame every 10 min (600 sec)

I am trying to find a timelapse app for my iphone that helps me quickly calculate how long i should record in order to have a certain length video.

I do not use photo mode for timelapse -as i don't want a collection of photos.

Does anyone use an app?

I found this one but the iphone app compared to the ipad version is missing a piece of helpful info. Plus, as you can see there are discrepencies in the calculations. (I took a screen shot and labeled them) The red text I drew on the photos.