Power bank and Parking mode setup solution (found !)


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May 21, 2020
Hello All,

I have seen many questions about using a power bank with parking mode. I have read numerous forums and seen countless videos without finding the right setup that would work. This excluding the Blackvue Power magic or the Cellink Neo systems that cost a fortune.

Also like me, you probably don't like the idea of risking having a dead car battery because your dashcam has recorded all night and day in your parking spot because there is a lot of movement in your area, at your place or at your job... Yes, I know, it's supposed to stop using the battery at 12.4V if so setup, but I was not willing to risk it.

So after a lot of hard thinking, I came up with a setup that works ! I tried it and works like a breeze.

The problem about a power bank are that they do not supply a 12V current, so you could not couple them with an HK3 power supply. But guess what provides 12V and acts like a power bank? Yes ! If you've guessed it, it's a... JUMPSTART Battery Pack !!

So this is how I set mine up:

  1. I use an HK3 kit and fuse tap the yellow ACC in an ACC fuse. So that's lke all setups.
  2. Then I got myself a jumpstart baterry pack, that also provides a ec5 to cigarette lighter socket (or you could buy a ec5 adapter with cable, but I needed the socket)

  1. I cut the cable to the ec5 adapter and connected a piece of electrical cable
  2. Live connects to the RED (battery+) HK3 adapter, Neutral connects on the car's body, together with the BLACK cable from the HK3.
  3. Now since we don't want to take the pack out every time to charge it, I used the cig lighter socket, connected it to a piece of electrical wiring; live goes on a fuse tap that goes on an ACC fuse again; neutral goes to the car's body, together with the other 2 Neutrals.
  4. To this I connect a cig lighter fast charge adapter that goes into the battery pack, and the loop is done.
I have fastened my jumpstart battery in the glove compartment where I can remove it if needed and use as intended in an emergency.

Now, whenever I switch my car on, the dashcam goes on "Live" mode AND charges my jumpstart battery. When I park and switch off, this battery takes over for the parking mode, and even if it runs out, no worries about starting my car as normal.

I hope this can help other A129 users that were having the same questions as me !