How can I save GPS info settings on my A119S?


Staff member
Sep 10, 2018
After update VIOFO A119S Car Dash Camera Firmware to V2.61, although it is programmed to always capture speed and location coordinates, it's necessary to programmatically deactivate and re-enable GPS when launching the device.
It' s about GPS > No all settings it's saving normally. If I stopped and turn off A119S for a longer time for a 1-2 hour, when turn on the GPS signal on screen is showing 0 km/h all time in red color on screen. After I go to Settings and turn GPS position to "off" > "OK" > "On" > "Ok" and after the GPS on screen show in green and speed 200-400 km/h, and speed go to decreases to normal . When I remove the charging cable the LED indicator turns off after 1-3 sec. All savings in settings working good. I try several times to reinstall new firmware but no positive results. I use 128 Gb microSDXC 95/90 MB/s U3 V30 UHS-I but the same with 32 GB. It' begins after I install V2.61 firmware.