HK3 / Pro Duo not powering on properly


New Member
Feb 27, 2021
Hi all!

I'm having some annoying problems trying to install a A129 Pro Duo. The unit stays off when the ignition is turned on, but when ignition is switch off, the startup sound plays and the screen comes on! It's not an issue with using the wrong fuse taps - I have confirmed that the same problem happens when using a 13.8V power supply. As soon as the ACC wire is disconnected, the unit powers up. I have turned off parking mode and set boot delay to 10 seconds. I have a GPS mount, but power is connected to the camera body (on the side). When parking mode is enabled, it will record parking events, but never while the vehicle is moving.

If I connect the camera to a USB power supply, the camera switches on normally. I tried a different, working HK3 (in another car where I have an A119 v3) and had the same problem, so I'm suspecting it's the camera itself.

I've updated to v2.1 and reset settings, which didn't seem to help. Has anyone seen anything like this? Is it a bad camera?

I have also noticed that the unit freezes/crashes when the rear camera is plugged in, but at other times it locks up - the screen comes on with the overlay text, but instead of showing the camera image the VIOFO logo remains.