Git2 : Paris city tour on motorbike auguste 2016


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Aug 20, 2016
Hello :)
Camera : Git2 Pro from GitUp in 1080p 60fps, stabilization Gyro actived, field of view set to 120°, fixed on helmet.
Recording : one shot of 55 minutes in August 2016

00mn 07s colonne de juillet
00mn 22s opéra Bastille
00mn 28s place de la Bastille
01mn 14s citroën 2 CV :)
01mn 25s église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis
02mn 07s hôtel de ville de Paris
02mn 58s préfecture de police de Paris
03mn 06s pont Notre-Dame
03mn 49s Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris
04mn 13s pont Saint-Michel
05mn 19s le Panthéon
06mn 07s jardin du Luxembourg
06mn 32s théâtre de l'Odéon
06mn 43s le Sénat
07mn 38s église Saint-Sulpice
08mn 47s église de Saint Germain des Prés
10mn 20s fontaine Saint-Michel
10mn 50s palais de justice
11mn 11s théâtre du Châtelet
11mn 21s place du Châtelet
11mn 34s tour Saint-Jacques
12mn 21s palais du Louvre
12mn 49s palais Royal
13mn 15s musée du Louvre
13mn 24s pyramide du Louvre
13mn 33s arc de triomphe du Carrousel
14mn 53s musée d'Orsay
15mn 59s Assemblée Nationale
16mn 24s place de la Concorde
16mn 39s obélisque de Louxor
17mn 25s église de la Madeleine
18mn 26s opéra Garnier
19mn 10s colonne Vendôme
19mn 23s place Vendôme
20mn 07s jardin des Tuileries
21mn 22s bas des Champs Élysées
22mn 07s statue du Général De Gaulle
22mn 18s Petit Palais
22mn 27s Grand Palais
22mn 45s pont Alexandre III
23mn 10s esplanade des Invalides
23mn 42s hôtel des Invalides
24mn 37s musée Rodin
25mn 18s église Saint-Louis-des-Invalides
27mn 28s musée du quai Branly
28mn 00s tour Eiffel
28mn 34s pont d'Iéna
28mn 53s jardin du Trocadéro
30mn 08s palais de Chaillot
30mn 12s place du Trocadéro
31mn 22s place Charles-de-Gaulle (place de l’Étoile)
31mn 29s Arc de Triomphe
32mn 17s avenue des Champs-Élysées
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Aug 17, 2016
O my, that was simply fantastic - thank you for sharing it here! Perfect day for shooting video, light traffic as well - wonderful to see the places I walked around in May this year, you've captured the beautiful elegance of Paris perfectly. Vivaldi was a good choice for the soundtrack too - bravo!


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Aug 20, 2016
Thank you :)
I am delighted that you have enjoyed to watch this vidéo.
There is a light traffic in august but in return, there is more work on streets
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