Feature suggestion


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Oct 2, 2020
Is there a way to post feature suggestions for @viofo ? Anyway, here goes... These are for the Viofo App.

There can be a very long list of saved videos, especially if the settings have a 1-minute duration. It would be good if something was done to make it easier to jump to a certain time. It might also speed up loading the list. For example, there could be collapsible lists by hour. Only the time would be displayed and the user could open the hour interested in and see the list of videos for that time. For 1-minute durations, each hour would have up to 60, while a 3-minute duration would have up to 20 videos. Then, and only when a time/hour is expanded, would the video be displayed in the app...that should speed up the app. A button or some other control could then be used to expand all to keep the original functionality.

Along with previous item, if there could be some kind of method to scroll quickly through a long list of videos. For example, I've seen apps that have a control on the right of the list in addition to a scrollbar. I think they call them Bubble Scroll Bars. They display some indicator as they move from one grouping to another. For example, if there is a list of alphabetical items, a bubble displays the first letter as you use the bubble or scroll bar to scroll. The bubble or button is also larger, so it's easier to manipulate with your finger.

When viewing video through the app, the text at the bottom of the video is not legible for me. I have a white car and the text is white. If some shadow behind the text was added that would make it more visible. Or, if there were options to change the text such as colour, background, transparency, etc. I would be happy with black shadow behind the text.

When viewing the video from the Viofo App, it would be great to be able to zoom or pinch-zoom so you can view things like license plates better. Doing this may be avoid needing to download the video to a PC just to see the plate better. With station mode, this may not be an issue since you won't need to use the app at all and can view the videos from a PC on your LAN.


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May 30, 2018
Thank you so much for your kind suggestions, we will reflect them to our engineer.