Complete commercial video shot entirely with a Git-2


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Jul 9, 2016
Here's the result of using my Git-2 for a commercial shoot. It clearly shows strengths & weaknesses of both me & the camera. Bottom line: I'll use the camera for outdoor action and use something else for close-up & interior scenes.
It all comes down to this: The camera excels in medium to long shots, with outdoor landscapes in bright diffused sunlight. However, focal length & depth of field of the standard lens is undesirable for close-up & interior lit shots. Getting any close-up detail means severely cropping into the frame in post, resulting in degraded resolution. If there is anyone with suggestions on what video settings would work best for interior lit, medium close-up scenes, I'd be all ears.
Trying to set up the shots using my smartphone was problematic & extremely tedious too, the camera is severely hamstrung by not having it's own camera app with the ability to get fully into all of the camera settings. To make any camera adjustments you have to connect to wifi, evoke the app, see the camera image, turn off wifi, make the setting change in the camera (shutter speed, wide/narrow angle, white balance, etc.) then set up the wifi/app all over again to see the results. Do this a few times & you'll be needing to change the battery before a second of footage gets shot.

I was just sick after shooting, when I discovered the external mic audio shot while using wifi was unusable, due to wifi noise impressed onto the audio. This really sucked, because ALL the voiceover narration had to be redone in post production. Not having any way to monitor live or playback audio just doesn't cut it.

The external microphone feature was the deciding factor in purchasing the camera, allowing lavaliere mic'd audio. But because the USB port pinout is non-standard, you are limited in using only the optional 36" cabled lavaliere. None of my mic's using a USB to subminiature phone jack adapter works. Good luck in getting any decent spoken audio farther than 36-48 inches away from the camera.
If there could be a wish list tacked on to the development of a future camera, it would be to have a camera body with an interchangeable lens mount for a selection of separate telephoto, standard & macro lenses, a standardized USB to subminiature plug adapter, allowing other cabled mic's or wireless mic rigs, and live sound monitoring or playback.
Oh... AND the camera NEEDS it's own APP!