Bitrate for [email protected] on A119 V3 firmware 1.02


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Sep 5, 2019

I have tested various resolutions with bitrate setings set to high and I have noticed that max 30 mbit/s bitrate is set only for resolutions 2.5K at 30fps and 2K at 30fps. The overall image quality and sharpness is great at that bitrate with 2.5K and 2K resolution, but due to 30 fps there are some problems with reading cars registration plates when cars are moving towards you. You can only read plates when recorded car is located 20-30 metres from the camera, but only if resolution to compression ratio is good enough, so it is not always possible. The closer the car is to the camera, the blurrer the plates are due to side movement of the object. Sometimes plates are not readable even if the car is 3-4 metres from the camera - they are blured due to object side movement. The 30 fps is not enough to record readable plates at close distance with 2.5K/2K resolution set and 30 mbit/s bitrate cannot help here.

Then I have checked 1080 resolution at 60 fps and I have noticed that blur of side moving objects at close distance is lower than at 2.5K and 2K - it's due to higher fps. The car plates that are moving towards you are more readable overall at [email protected] than 2.5K/2K @30. The interesting thing is the bitrate with setting high at 1080 @60 is only 23 mbit/s. The bitrate at this resolution is lower and it is clearly visable, that movies are not as sharp and clear as they are at 2.5K and 2K - the compression artefacts are clearly visable.

So VIOFO, can you increase the bitrate for setting high for 1080 @60 fps from 23 to 30 mbit/s, as it is set for 2.5K and 2K?