A129 Duo G-force notification alarm


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Aug 4, 2018
A few months ago, while washing one of my cars, I noticed a large dent on the passenger door with a rub mark leading into the wheel well. It's my guess it occured in a parking lot because my wife, who was the only driver of that vehicle at that time, had no idea where or when it occured, and I didn't have a dashcam in that car to even review.

Now all of my cars, except that one, have Viofo dashcams in them. With my newest vehicle to the fleet being a 2018 Honda HR-V AWD EX, I've installed the A129 Duo. I'm looking very forward to getting the hardwire kit asap when it becomes available, in order to take advantage of the parking mode.

The discovery of this large dent in the door was irritating to say the lease, leaving me feeling very fulnerable to parking lot damage.

When you normally start the vehicle, the dashcam give a pleasant chime sound at startup to indicate it's functioning properly. When in parking mode, if the G-Force sensor detects a strike, will the A129 Duo Dashcam give a different alarm sound at startup to indicate a G-Force was detected and the vehicle was struck?

If not, could this be something you could incorporate in a future firmware update?

If a G-Force notification alarm cannot be incorporated into a startup alarm, could it possibly be incorporated directly into the parking mode programming soas to continually chirp for the remainder of time in parking mode? This way, as soon as you arrive and open the door to your vehicle, you will already hear the chirping and be able to do a vehicle inspection before even getting in. Ideally, having both a startup G-Force alarm and a continuous G-Force chirp option available at the same time would be best, because many cars turn acc power on when you unlock the vehicle, which could prevent you from hearing a G-Force chirp while in parking mode, but would still allow you to hear a 15-30 second G-Force alert when the dashcam is started.

Most of us, if not all, don't routinely walk around our entire vehicle to inspect if there's any damage before getting in. With a notable alarm at start up to indicate the dashcam detected a G-Force hit, this would enable us to be alerted that the vehicle was struck ,and we can then immediately get out to inspect for damage. If there is damage, then the dashcam footage can be immediately reviewed, saved, and given to the authorities. With any luck, you may have a license plate to report the criminal. If it didn't get a license plate, it will at least reveal to the authorities the vehicle who struck yours, and the authorities can then obtain additional store, bank, home, or street video surveillance footage nearby in order to get a plate number and contact the criminal responsible for your damages. Either way though, the authorities will have a much easier time tracking down the criminal if you reported the damages very shortly after they occured vs. days or weeks later.

However, if there's no notable alarm for a G-Force strike while in parking mode when you start the vehicle, damages may occur and can easily go unnoticed until it's no longer in the recordings and becomes untraceable.

Eagerly looking forward to hearing back from you on this.


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Dec 16, 2019
For the life of me, I can't figure out why Viofo hasn't implemented a notification with some sort of relentless beeping and visual flashing when starting the car immediately after a parking mode g-shock event. It seem like a no brainer to me.