A119 V3 Recording Volume Issue


New Member
Oct 18, 2020
Hi, I just bought the A119 V3 and installed it yesterday but I'm finding something a bit annoying. I noticed that the dashcam recording volume seems to fluctuate depending on the amount of ambient noise.

For example, when I'm just driving normally and there's no traffic around me, everything in the video is quiet, including the music that's playing from my car stereo. If there's lots of cars driving past me creating wind noise and lots engine sounds, the dashcam records at a higher volume. I can notice this because all of a sudden the music in the video becomes louder as well. Then the music in the video goes back to being very quiet when there's no other outside noise around.

Is this normal? I've watched some other videos on youtube and the sound seems pretty steady. The dashcam came with the latest firmware: V2.0(update 2020.0711).