A119 Pro Does Not Turn on


New Member
Aug 13, 2018

I pre-ordered my 119 Pro on March 29 and received it on April 10. It sat in the box until my lease was up on my old vehicle so I could install it in my new vehicle. It has only been installed for 6 weeks and yesterday I realized that it was no longer turning on. I have it hardwired using the
MINI 0801/A119/A119S/A119 PRO/A118/A118C/A118C2/B40/WR1 CAR CAMERA HARDWIRE KIT. I also tried to use the 12 volt socket adapter to power on the camera and it does not power on. I brought it in the house to use the usb wire to power it on and it doesn't turn on. I emailed [email protected] yesterday but have not heard back. I tried what I'm assuming is the factory reset button by holding a paper clip to it for over a minute before giving it power as well as after giving it power and the unit did not turn on. At this point I'm not sure what else (if anything) there is to be done.

Help / thoughts / suggestions?

Thanks in advance,