parking mode

  1. B

    Parking mode works badly

    Hi,I have a A119 V2 with last firmware version (4.01). I've bought an hardwire kit to use parking mode. After 5 minutes the dashcam enable correctly the parking mode,but after few minutes (no motion,no g-sensor input and the car is parked) the dashcam start a normal recording (1:30 minutes...
  2. A

    Problem with parking mode A129

    Hello! I recently purchased VIOFO A129 just the front camera (firmware 1.9) and am extremely pleased with the image quality (day and night). But I have a big issue with settings in parking mode that seems to not work and the user manual does not help me at all (it is extremely brief). I haven't...
  3. A

    Cam not turning off even when engine is off. Parking Mode not working?

    Hi guys, I recently installed my dashcam using the 3-wire hardwire kit on my '19 WRX. I was previously using the 12V plug that came with the dashcam when I haven't got the chance to do the full install of the hardwire kit. I believe that when the cam was just using the 12V plug, it turns off...
  4. N

    Parking mode on/off - Time based schedule, location based

    I have had the dashcam for a week and have the Parking mode ON for Auto Event Detection. I can already see how uselessly it fills up the card overnight when my car is parked in my own garage. The rear cam picks up the difference in daylight/streetlight etc and keeps recording. Two suggestions...
  5. F

    Hardwire kit for A119v2

    I see the hardwire kit only has a positive (always connected to power) and negative wire. How does the A119 know to switch to parking mode if the current is constant...
  6. GilesP

    Yet another feature request - parking modes

    Could there be a future firmware update that allows quick and easy toggling between different types of parking mode? And additionally a distinction between G-sensor triggering and motion sensing? For example, parking on a busy road would cause too many motion triggers, were as a shock/G-sensor...
  7. GilesP

    Another feature request

    Here's another idea I had recently: Parking mode, when triggered by motion, could it be specified to include/exclude front or rear cameras? I'm sure in many cases, when parked on a driveway the front/rear of the car faces the road, with the usual passing traffic. This would needlessly trigger...
  8. D

    Parking Mode and Hardwire

    Hello, I have a question regarding the A129 Duo and hardwiring. I have noticed on previous models I've owned (A119S) that turning Parking Mode on causes constant alerts and clips to be saved during driving, which leads me to believe that Parking Mode has to be manually enabled every time I want...
  9. C

    What’s the difference between parking mode and motion detection?

    I have the a119s what's the difference between parking mode and motion detection? Why can only one be on at a time? I have the A119S and I like to know the best options I should be using?
  10. R

    Viofo A119S V2 + GPS logger - connection problems.

    Does anyone has problem with connection between camera Viofo A119S and GPS logger, version 2 ? I know about problem in V1, but V2 should be already fixed. I bought 2 A119S V2 with GPS Logger on December and since April their work is unstable. When car is parked, parking mode should be on, but...