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    A129 Duo Installation and first impressions

    I had been thinking about getting a dash-cam for some time and had investigated the market and quickly came across Viofo as one of the recommended leading brands on sites like 'Dashcamtalk' and 'CarCamCentral' and others. One of the design aspects with the Viofo A129 (and A119) I liked was the...
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    Any update on when the new HK3 hardwire kit is due??

    Hi, I am holding back on getting a A129 Duo + 3 wire hard wire kit as I understand that a newer version of the 3 wire hardware kit is due for release. I would be very happy to do an early detailed test and review of the operation of new HK3 hardwire kit when it is ready. Regards Terry
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    Screen operation during event activated parking mode

    Hi, I asked this question on Dashcamtalk a few week ago but so far nobody has answered ;-( I was wondering if during event activated parking mode (buffered or not) the screen stays off if it detects and records an event? Clearly it would be better if it did not come on and draw attention to...