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    Speed and Coordinates stamp on video

    Can any of the text like Speed and/or Coordinates imprinted on the video be removed later. If it was not turned on to imprint, does the file have the metadata to extra out later ? I am just thinking of the scenario where it was imprinting and I need to use it for evidence but my speed happened...
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    Losing time setting since upgrade to v1.8 firmware

    I have not had the cam for long to narrow it down to firmware 1.8, but I upgraded to that few days back. I noticed this morning that it was losing the time. I have it set to GMT+4 as I am in EST and then manually set the date and time. I saved and get out to the main screen via the cam and I see...
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    Recommended SD Card

    Which brand and model of SD cards people are using and not facing any camera freezing issues ? My reputed seller customer service thinks it is the Adata card and is recommending these two Sandisk Ultra A1 UHS-1 Class 10 Samsung Pro Endurance UHS-1 Class 10 I currently use ADATA Premier Pro...
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    Review after a month with A129 Duo

    My setup is using the 3 wire hardwire kit. I did everything according to instructions and have it on my first car and was going to see the experience before decided to buy one more kit to install in my second car. Summary verdict, not happy. All the reviews that I saw before deciding to buy...
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    Parking mode on/off - Time based schedule, location based

    I have had the dashcam for a week and have the Parking mode ON for Auto Event Detection. I can already see how uselessly it fills up the card overnight when my car is parked in my own garage. The rear cam picks up the difference in daylight/streetlight etc and keeps recording. Two suggestions...
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    Newly setup - Camera Time and Rear Cam recording

    Hi there, I just setup this model using the Hardwire kit and Parking mode is working. I just have few questions and an issue with the time in the camera. Even though I have choosen to synchronise the time using the App to my Phones clock, it keeps loosing the time next time I check the footage...