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  1. viofo

    A129 Pro - WiFi is terrible. Camera stuck on, can't power off or change settings.

    Please check this version:
  2. viofo

    A119 V3 + GPS + Suction Mount

    Our suction mode does not support GPS, you can try the mount that capture your action recommend.
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    Normally this can only happen if the camera battery and capacitor is failed. May I know which camera do you use?
  4. viofo

    Pair 2 bluetooth remotes to 1 A129?

    Only support one remote control for one camera.
  5. viofo

    A119s + GPS - Missing 1min of video between sequential files when recording with 3min interval in 'Parking mode' 5frames/sec

    Do you use the time lapse option for parking mode, to avoid this we recommend you use the low bitrate recording option.
  6. viofo

    A129 firmware v1.9 going into USB mass storage mode randomly

    Normally if you use the 4 meters original USB charger cable, it will be only used for charging, not for data transfer. If you saw mass storage mode, it means the camera enter the data transfer mode.
  7. viofo

    Start/Stop system and 2-wire hardwire kit

    The camera only use the ACC wire to detect if the car is started or not. In some cars, if you turn on the car fist and then start the engine, it may cause the camera to reboot.
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    A119 V3 Does not sense or enter Parking mode after firmware update V1.03

    There is a parking mode issue on V1.02 for no GPS version, that's the main difference.
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    Camera will start recording while the car turn on, if it is not, mostly it is the card issue, you can format the card in the camera first. For parking mode recording, better to use the VIOFO HK3 hardwire kits. If you didn't hardwire your camera, there will be no constant power after you turn...
  10. viofo

    Camera stopped turning on with car yet lights still on

    You can copy .bin file to the SD card and then power on the camera to upgrade. You can try to set the motion detection parking mode to low sensitivity to avoid camera keep recording for small motions.
  11. viofo

    memory card filling up quick -- bad settings?

    We don't recommend keeping the Wi-Fi on in parking mode. If you use auto event detection mode, you can try to set the motion detection parking mode option as low sensitivity. Low bitrate option is also good, better to use 128GB card or even 256GB card.
  12. viofo

    Hardwire Kit Not Powering the Camera On

    Camera can still work, but will not enter the parking mode, it will keep recording until no enough power supply.
  13. viofo

    SD card will not format to FAT32 stays exFAT

    Normally the 32GB card is FAT32 format, but 64GB card and 128GB card default format is exFat, you can use GUITOOL to format the card. About the upgrading, please format the card to FAT32 first, other format file system, the camera can not recognize.
  14. viofo

    WiFi off

    Actually you can enable or disable Wi-Fi while the camera is recording or not.
  15. viofo

    WiFi off

    Do you mean you want to disable Wi-Fi via APP? But this still requires to physically turn on Wi-Fi next time.
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    A129 Duo - not recorded several days.

    Most of such recording issue required to check the SD card, the card manufacture have tools to detect this.
  17. viofo

    A129 Duo - not recorded several days.

    Also you can try to format the card on camera. If you have other memory card, you can also have a try, most of such issue is caused by the memory card.
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    Wi-Fi Lock Problem

    Can you show us a video? Have you pressed any button after you enabled the Wi-Fi?
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    You can export GPS to .GPX files, then use DashWare to overlay map.
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    Wi-Fi Lock Problem

    We highly don't recommend to use the camera button to start / stop recording while the Wi-Fi is connected.