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  1. benkar

    Clock icon in the upper right corner

    After upgrading to v. 2.1, I found out that the camera does not turn off the engine after turning off. I downgraded back to v.1.8 and noticed the clock icon in the upper right corner. I do not use the parking mode. Don't know what this icon means? Edit: I've already found out. I had time-lapse...
  2. benkar

    Czech does not work

    For Viofo: in the latest firmware 2.0, the Czech language does not work!
  3. benkar

    Compatibility A129 DUO and A 129 PRO

    I have the A129 DUO set. I would like to buy only the A 129 PRO front camera (without GPS holder) Will the A 129 PRO front camera be compatible with the A 129 DUO rear camera? Looks like the rear cameras are the same so it might work.
  4. benkar

    Display image - settings

    Hello. In the camera settings you can select which camera to display (front, rear, or overlapping the other). If I set the back camera as the default view, why do I always show the front camera and the overlay the back when I turn it on? Why the camera does not remember the settings. Thanks for...
  5. benkar

    A 129 Duo - connecting cable - it may be useful to someone

    The connection cable to the rear camera contains a total of 6 wires + 1 ground, ie a total of 7 wires, even though the USB connector has 10 pins.
  6. benkar

    SD card error

    I have such a special problem with the SD card. It happened that when playing a PC record through a reader, the program collapsed and from that moment the card looked like unformatted and no files were visible. I tried VLC, MPC-HC, DashCam Viewer. Then I put the card back into the camera and...
  7. benkar

    Video quality

    I'm not much satisfied with camera recordings (front and back) recently. It seems to me that the quality of the recording has decreased (blurring and small squares in the image). The image is almost the same when using a CPL filter without it. Tested on multiple browsers (VLC, DashCam viewer...
  8. benkar

    Problem with transferring files to PC.

    I have a problem copying video files to my PC. It often happens that the computer sees some error files on the SD card. It happens when SD card is in the camera, but also through the card reader. Several times I have already formatted the SD card, but only the exFAT and NTFS formats (not FAT 32)...
  9. benkar

    Dash Cam viewer crashes

    The Dash Cam viewer still stops working. Do not you know what it can be like? K-Lite codec pack installed. I have Windows 7 64bit Home Edition, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, CPU i7 930, 12 GB. Edit: I found out why Dashcam viewer crashed. The blame was on Afterburner with whom the program does not...
  10. benkar

    Camera does not load - Replacement of the motherboard

    My camera did not start at all, only the Viofo logo still lit on the display. Since the camera was used for only a few days, I was surprised by this defect. In addition, the sound was poor and was rattling on a rough road. I took the camera to a repair shop where they found a faulty motherboard...
  11. benkar

    3 Wire ACC Hardwire Kit Cable with straight USB ?

    Is there a 3 Wire ACC Hardwire Kit Cable with a straight USB connector? Or just 90 °? I want to connect the AV cable to the radio display and I do not know if I could plug all 3 connectors (2x USB + 1x 3.5mm jack). I think there's not enough space on the camera.
  12. benkar

    Connecting the camera to the car radio display ?

    Which type of 3.5mm jack AV cable to connect to a car radio with a display? 3 or 4 poles?
  13. benkar


    I live in Europe (czech rep.). How do I set the frequency? 50 or 60 Hz? Somewhere I read that Europe (systen PAL) is 50 Hz and America 60 Hz for example. Is it true? Thanks.