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  1. Synoptic 12

    Why Was my Review Flagged by Amazon?

    Here is the exact review submitted to Amazon, as the review was disallowed. Could any provide answers as to why the review was not in accordance with Amazon? All replies appreciated. Upon purchasing the Viofo A119 V3 from Amazon, I found the unit to be of high quality, well built, and very...
  2. Synoptic 12

    Dash Cam Placement on 'Frit'

    Seeking some opinions on dash cam placement, namely on the frit (solid); not dotted. (A.) If I place the adhesive pad on the frit: will the frit be damaged, or once removed after a long period, will the frit be missing any of its 'black'? I was uncertain of that so I'm asking here. Enclosed is...
  3. Synoptic 12

    Viofo A119 V3 / Does Changelog 2.5 Support H264?

    Can the Viofo A119V3 changelog of 2.5 ([email protected]) employ the H.264, or just the H.265, or "both"? Furthermore, Viofo considers 2880x2160P interpolated, yet states the aforesaid resolution does absolutely no help improving video quality at all. In this respect, why upgrade to 2.5 firmware...
  4. Synoptic 12

    2560 x 1080P 60fps (2.4) Resolution / Any Have Video?

    Has anyone tried: 2560 x 1080P 60fps resolution in the 2.4 firmware? If so, could any provide information regarding any better clarity, irrespective of file size? All replies are appreciated.