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    ODB2 option?

    If you can please tell us how long are we looking at before the Viofo OBD cable is available to buy. If not soon enough, can you please recommend an aftermarket OBD cable that will work for now? I have tried 3 different brands of OBD cables and they let other dash cams I use enter parking mode...
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    ODB2 option?

    No, the A139 doesn't enable park mode using OBD2 even if it is parked in front of a wall with absolutely no motion. I have tested this and have posted a thread related to the same
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    Viofo A139 not entering parking mode with OBDII power

    I use a OBD connector which has a dedicated parking mode(accessory mode) feature and it works fine with my Rexing Dash cams(they enter parking mode just fine) but for some reason my Viofo A139 just wouldn't enter parking mode. I have updated the firmware, I park the car in a garage with no...
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    VIOFO App for IOS will not display video feed from any of the 3 cameras

    The solution is to turn your mobile data off (iOS) when you fire up the app. It's the same with some other dash cams I have used and I tried it and works just fine with the viofo app.