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    A129 Pro Duo and parking behaviour

    I recommend running a long drive to assure the battery has enough power to support the dashcam. Waiting for the test result!
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    Not able to connect to Wifi A129 Pro Duo

    Thanks for your suggestion! I've sent messages to Frank to help solve the problem.
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    Hello, This problem has been fixed in the new batches. I recommend you buy a dashcam from our official website. Then it is assured works without this problem. May I know what country are you located in? If you're in the US, UK, or Canada, etc, the package would be received in about 10 days...
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    Hi Arthur, Really sorry for the inconvenience caused! I'll help you with this! You only need to send the defective front camera back if you'd like to accept a replacement. That won't influence the wire installed. As you mentioned this is a new camera, I recommend you contact the seller for...
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    Viofo A139 - parking mode off after 1 hour

    First please go to the settings to check if the Parking Recording Timer is set to 1 hour. We recommend you use a multimeter to check the voltage of the fuse connected to the battery wire. I'm also attaching an instruction indicating how to install the hardwire kit. There is a step mentioned on...
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    Rear Camera records in parking mode but not when driving.

    Hello, The rear camera's normal driving files are always named as Year_Date_Time_R. While its parking file name is Year_Date_Time_PR. Please check the SD card to see if there are rear cam's driving files saved. Or could you please share your SD card file list here?
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    Sometimes the device doesn't work automatically

    Hello, That's may be caused by the vehicle's low voltage when it starts. Set a boot delay may be helpful.
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    station mode for 129 Plus duo?

    Hello, Sorry for the inconvenience caused! At present, we don't have plans to add this function on A129 Plus Duo.
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    A129 Pro Duo and parking behaviour

    What's the happening frequency of this problem? Please make sure the SD card is formatted. And we recommend the card of a high-quality UHS-I U1/U3 or above rating microSD card with 64G or 128G of Samsung or VIOFO high endurance series. You can also use a multimeter to check the power voltage...
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    Wi-Fi cannot be turned on

    Hello, Please do the steps mentioned in this post. If it still doesn't work, please let me know.
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    What should the length of the Parking clips be?

    What kind of parking mode do you use? Is it Auto Event Detection? If it is, we recommend you set Low Bitrate Recording and see if the clip durations are correct. What card do you use? Generally, the problems of the files are related to the SD card. So the card is should be taken into account.
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    Hello, This problem has been fixed in the new batched products. I sent PM to others to learn about their dashcam and purchasing information that should be protected. I just sent you a PM, please check it. I saw you said in this post that the Wi-Fi works again, so mistakenly thought the Wi-Fi...
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    What should the length of the Parking clips be?

    I'd like to know what card you use. According to the description above, I recommend you format the SD card first: How to format the microSD card? : VIOFO Support Center
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    What should the length of the Parking clips be?

    Hello, The length of the Parking clips is on the loop recording duration you set.
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    A119 V3 V2.6T firmware

    Hi Tata, Yes, it's an official firmware. But it's still on testing.
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    A129 plus duo rear camera switching on/off automaticly

    Hello, Please check the rear cable's connection with the front cam to assure it's strong and check if the rear cable port is broken. If it's all right, please reflash the firmware, and then default the settings and reset the dashcam. If the above still doesn't work, please contact the seller...
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    A129 duo plus rear camera stopped working

    Hello, Could you share more specifically about the problem you met? We recommend you try the method mentioned above first. Please let me the result. Thanks!
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    129Pro Duo

    Hello, Please try to reflash the attached V2.4 firmware again. Here is the updating instruction. Remember to default the settings and reset the dashcam after. If it doesn't work, please contact the seller for a replacement. You only need to send the front camera back which won't influence the...
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    Firmware V2.5 is worth upgrading

    Thanks, Synoptic 12! They wanna know the latest firmware for A129 Pro. A129 Pro V2.5 fixed the overexposure problem based on V2.4. I'm attaching the V2.5 firmware file for people who need it to download.
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    A129 Duo Out of focus?

    Hello, I watched the video you uploaded and can confirm that this dashcam is already out of focus. About how to refocus this kind of dashcam, benkar shared a great video. You can try to fix it manually if you'd like. Or we can provide a 20% discount for you to purchase a new dashcam from our...