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    video display issue for ios

    Thanks for your feedback, we will check it.
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    WIFI APmode Connecting :Fail not working wifi in camera.

    Do you mean the Wi-Fi is OK before? And now have this AP mode connecting issue? Have you tried upgrade the firmware?
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    short mini USB cable for second camera

    We have 8 meters long cable, sold separately.
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    A129 rear camera dead?

    Have you solved the issue, we can send a new rear camera cable for you to test first.
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    Storage Capacity ?? Conflict w/ Manual

    The camera can support 128GB, 256GB card both.
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    Storage Capacity ?? Conflict w/ Manual

    Please format the card as FAT32.
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    Wi-Fi Lock Problem

    The download speed will be dropped if the camera is recording, so it require to stop recording first. In 5G Wi-Fi mode, the download speed is up to 3MB/s, it is much much better than most of the dash cam on the market that only support 2.4G Wi-Fi.
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    Camera ‘locking up’ when left in parking mode and Wi-fi problems

    While Wi-Fi enabled, the camera can only be controlled via Wi-Fi. About the freezing issue, may I know what settings and memory card do you use? We don't recommend to keep the Wi-Fi on while the camera in parking mode recording.
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    WIFI APmode Connecting :Fail not working wifi in camera.

    Can you confirm always show this issue?
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    Connection Issues

    If you see the "Micro SD Card Reader Mode ", normally this meas use wrong cable, the camera detect it as card reader mode, not enter the charging mode.
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    Viofo A129 Android App - trouble connecting

    For a stronger connection, please try 5G connection.
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    Bluetooth button

    The latest firmware support lock the video and take video snapshot at same time. It can not turn off video lock by remote button, you can unlock the video in the camera while playback. It will lock the video immediately. We suggest you share video to us by google drive and dropbox.
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    WIFI APmode Connecting :Fail not working wifi in camera.

    Have you tired to upgrade the firmware?
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    Gaps between files

    Different chipest have different solution, The T5E use Ambarella chipset which is same as GitUp F1, no this loop recording issue. The FAT32 file system only support MAX 4G file.
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    Black Friday deals aren't working

    Please contact us, we didn't do same promotion on Amazon.