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    External Mic

    It require user to disable the internal MIC.
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    Pre-purchase questions A129 2 channel

    All sellers now sell the latest version.
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    Camera does not load - Replacement of the motherboard

    Glad to see it is fixed in the repair shop.
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    Slow transfer to mobile app via wifi

    Please try to use the 5G wifi mode, the transfer speed should be improved.
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    Motion sensor and pre-buffering

    It will be available in April.
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    Great Dashcam, but two video related problems...

    Have you updated the app to the lastest, the latest version should improve the speed in 5Ghz mode on iPhone.
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    G3 GPS format

    The GPS data and EXIF info is embbed in the .mp4 file and jpg. Normally to use ublox, it is no necessary to know the GPS format, but need to know how the camera receive the data from the GPS module. The GPS data format should be GPRMC.
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    Loop Recording Issue

    Please try to format the card in the camera or use the GUIFORMAT tool if you use windows.
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    Viofo A129 settings reset upon shutdown

    To show the front and rear camera in the live view, it will force the camera to detect the rear camera after restart.
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    Brand new A129 Duo: Rear camera permanently offline

    Sometime the rear camera cable may cause the issue. You can submit a ticket at or contact the seller. Have you tried the 5G Wi-Fi option, the default is 2.4G.
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    Webcam Mode

    Support 720P in web cam is OK. We checked this before, to turn off the screen in web cam require lots of development work, currently no plan to optimize it.
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    Change Logo screen

    You can follow the same instructions to update the G3 boot up logo.
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    Problem with transferring files to PC.

    Guiformat is a good tool to format card capacitor up to 64GB. Such error files may cause the camera to freeze while playback in the camera.
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    Rear camera cable and general socket/cable issues

    We plan to offer both angled USB connector in the future.
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    not impressed

    There is always not easy to get clear registration plates for 1080P, bigger solution like real 4K may help, but not the perfect. You can check this for reference.