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    A question about Wi Fi

    Suggest to turn off the Wi-Fi unless you need to watch the recorded videos. As SP777 said, keeping Wi-Fi on will reduce the video bitrate and affect the video quality.
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    no picture on my new a129 front cam

    What sd card are you using? Do formatted the SD card by camera or on computer as FAT32.
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    Power consumption, Menu Button and 2 Wire Kit

    If use 2 wire hardwire kit in parking mode, it will cut off the power supply while the battery voltage is around 11.6V ~ 11.8V, to protect your car battery. When recording, please press "REC" to stop recording first and then press "Menu" button to enter into menu setting. It supports 2 wire kit...
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    Viofo A119S does not start up correctly

    When power removed, the LED shut off immediately or not? If immediately off, it is the problem of the capacitor, please contact with the distributor for warranty.
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    Remote Button for A129

    It only support take a video snapshot while lock the video by remote control at present.
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    Parking Mode and Hardwire

    It's not available to activate the two function at the same time. If with ACC hardwire kit, we suggest you to activate the "auto event detection" in PM as the camera can enter into/out PM based on ACC signal by itself, so you don't need to turn on the "motion detection" by manual every time.
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    Parking Mode and Hardwire

    Suggest to set the switch to 12.4V to protect your car battery. The lower the voltage setting, the shorter the car battery life, assuming that it regularly reaches the cut off limit, which depends on how much and how often you drive the car. If you often leave the car unused for over a week at a...
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    We will release it in a week and will be available in the website.

    We will release it in a week and will be available in the website.
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    Viofo HK3 Kit Works Nicely

    You can power the cam through the GPS mount or non-GPS mount in normal recording via HK3 hardwire cable. But if you want to use parking mode, you must power it directly from the camera side, both GPS mount or non-GPS mount is not available for the parking mode.
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    Issue with brand new A129 Duo

    While Wi-Fi enabled, the camera can only be controlled via Wi-Fi. So if you want to make some adjustments via menu button, please turn off Wi-Fi first or you can set it on APP.
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    Slow wifi?

    We have already updated the APP which can support 3MB/S in 5Ghz, would you please update the APP and try 5G Wi-Fi again?
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    Bluetooth Button Will Not Pair

    Firstly, please can you make sure the battery not run out. Then, please default setting for the camera, press and hold the video lock button on remote control for 3 seconds, if paired successfully, the LED indicator of the remote control will turn blue. Please pay attention that if the camera...
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    The video is now 180 degrees upside down. Is there a setting where I can change it?

    Please help to choose "on" in the setting of "image rotation", then the video will be rotated by 180 degrees.
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    Is the A129 rear camera compatible with A119 series?

    The A129 rear camera is not compatible for A119 series, the chipset of A119 series not support the rear cam. But you can use two A119 series cameras in the car, one front, one rear.
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    What’s the difference between F1 and G3 Duo?

    G3 Duo is the first dual action cam, which can support slave cam, GPS module and waterproof case. F1 is real 4K action cam, which is best for drone, both camera can support remote control. Below is some comparison between the action cam: