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    Connection Issues

    I have 3 dashcams set up and one uses the car's USB port, but not all car's supply enough power from the USB I understand. It does not explain why he gets powered up correctly when using a GPS and not when directly connected to the A119 presumable using the same cable.
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    Connection Issues

    Strange because if the unit is working with an external power supply and through a GPS it should work from the car's power. The only other though is that it a dirty or bad connection in the unit. I would try Viofo directly and submit a ticket at this link; Support Ticket
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    Connection Issues

    When used on a PC the A119 go into "sd-card reader mode" automatically. Try using a phone charger as a power supply and not a PC. Also try another USB cable if possible.
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    A119 V2 4.0 Firmware Will not power on randomly

    Try another start up delay perhaps 10-15 seconds instead of the default 5 seconds. You will find it in the settings if you have one of the recent firmwares. The 5 sec delay is a default so there will always be a slight delay in starting up,