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    Cam battery and HK3 cable connection

    This solution involves a battery pack similar to the blackvue battery but probably much less expensive and likely with more capacity: If you're not comfortable installing this, you should...
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    Feature suggestion

    Is there a way to post feature suggestions for @viofo ? Anyway, here goes... These are for the Viofo App. There can be a very long list of saved videos, especially if the settings have a 1-minute duration. It would be good if something was done to make it easier to jump to a certain time...
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    Power bank and Parking mode setup solution (found !)

    Using a Jumpstart battery pack is a good idea. Has anyone ever tried to leave off the charging connection to see how long it would run without charging? This would be useful to know how long before recharging is needed especially if you don't drive your car for a while. These days, there...
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    Can I power my A129 pro from a USB port?

    I find it hard to believe that ALL the fuses are powered all the time. Well, I did a quick search and sure enough, it looks like it's true. That's an odd design. Not sure why they chose that. In any case, while doing the quick search, found this, an OBDII adapter that can provide switched...
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    A129 PRO Wifi station missing?

    I understand and agree that there may be reasons where it's not possible to add some or all of these features. However, instead of us asking Viofo many times without any answers, wouldn't it be nice for Viofo to say something like...It's not possible or it's very difficult to do and we're...
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    A129 PRO Wifi station missing?

    What I don't get is if it's available on the regular A129 and they have this code, then why don't they add it to the Pro and Plus?
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    sonata 2016 fuse type ?

    Capture Your Action had a great diagram of the different types. What type do you think it is? Or better yet, what types are you certain it is not? And then, what types are left?
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    WiFi Station Mode?

    Still no update from @viofo ? This has been made available for other models so Viofo must have the code to implement this already. Please provide a date when this will be available or a target date. Thank you.
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    Auto delete locked files

    First I've heard of it. What firmware version are you running? How is it hooked up? Or both the front and rear files deleted or just one of them?
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    Power issues

    You should use a multimeter to check the continuity of the connections. That will make sure they are good. They may appear good but still not have good contacts. I'd also check the fuses and power through the fuses with a multimeter. Check both legs of the fuses.
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    Camera is not Switching to Parking Mode

    I think mine goes out of parking mode only after it moves a certain distance. I'm not sure about my settings. I'll have to check later. In any case, try going shopping or somewhere sufficiently distant from your home. Check just after you've parked.
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    Viofo A129 Plus + Hardwire kit + parking mode, led not shutting off or normal? Wifi mode always goes off.

    I can view the wiper in my rear dash cam. This is on a 2012 Kia Sorento. I also think the higher view gives you views of other cars / items that could be a factor if an event / accident happens. My wiper also reaches high enough that the lense is in the clean area for the wiper. It is just...
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    Viofo A129 Plus + Hardwire kit + parking mode, led not shutting off or normal? Wifi mode always goes off.

    I had the same decision for the rear camera. I ended up placing the camera at the top but not on the window. I was thinking I had to place it on the window which caused a large portion to obstruct the view. After watching a few videos of mounting the rear camera, I placed it on the trim above...
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    Viofo A129 Plus + Hardwire kit + parking mode, led not shutting off or normal? Wifi mode always goes off.

    If the other dashcam comes on after a shock, then it was never really off. It must have been recording while it was off as well, otherwise you'll miss the actual impact and it won't be recorded. edit: haha, you beat me to it :)
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    Can't get VIOFO App to connect to VIOFO WiFi network

    You're not missing anything. When you connect to the Viofo camera, there is no internet. The connection is only for interactions with the camera...such as viewing images, live view of front/rear cameras and transferring videos from the Viofo to your WiFi connected phone. Depending on your...