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    Gaps between files

    Loop recording is limited to 10 minute clips, not good. Why can't you guys just fix the issue so we can get max size files with no gap? The git2 has the exact same problem, yet my Thieye t5e can do it without loop recording being set? Come on start fixing the firmware.....
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    G3 Issues....What can be done?

    I have never been so disappointed in a camera. internal mic does not shut off, super low recording volume level, even when set to high. I don't even think I can resell this camera because the buyer would want to return it......
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    long record bug

    Time lapse is no good, you end up with a bunch of 10 minute files. It's more work in post to stitch them all together. If they increased the time from 10 to 20 it might be ok.
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    I am probably not even going to bother, I am extremely disappointed with the G3, the audio in general even with the external mic is horrible. Git2 and Git2p far superior and the git2 disables the internal mic when using the external.....
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    Will battery charging and external mic work at same time?

    What about the git2 and git2p? I have both those as well and would like to use a stereo external mic.
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    Please add a bigger loop recording time to GIT2!!!! 10min is too small

    Can you guys please add a bigger loop recording size to the GIT2 and Git2P? 10 minutes is too small and results in a ton more files to work with. I would just let them go to the max size but for some reason you get a gap. It's been almost a year for a firmware update on the git2 I hope you have...
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    G3 Audio is terrible

    Hi, I think it's because the volume level for the Microphone is set too low in the firmware. The Git2P has much much better audio and the mic input volume level at high is much louder sounding. Is there anything you guys can do with firmware to improve the audio quality?
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    Is there a stereo adapter cable for external power and Microphone?

    I see there is a cable for external power and mic at same time but it is limited to MONO? Don't you just need to add the proper resistor to the cable so it works in stereo?
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    G3 4 Blue arrows on screen? What is it for?

    Every once in awhile 4 blue arrows show up on by G3 touch screen (one up one down one left and one right) I have no idea what the purpose of this is, anyone at git know?
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    G3 microphone volume level

    Is there anyway the microphone volume level can be made to match that of the Git2p? Maybe via firmware? When I use a external mic on the Git2p with the level set to high it sounds much better than the G3 with the level set to high.
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    G3 Bluetooth remote question

    Is there anyway you guys can make the Bluetooth remote blink red when it's recording? The remote is excellent except you don't know what the camera is doing if it's mounted behind you like on a Kayak. The bluetooth remote is much better than the 2.4gzh remote for the Git2, you guys have it so...
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    One solution to the microphone issue would be to open the front cover and cut the black wire to the internal mic. Not ideal but would work. I use mine on a Kayak and am contemplating doing this. The problem is when using a external mic with a dead cat wind filter, the internal mic still picks...
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    New G3 Motherboad that properly supports external microphone?

    Any news on the hardware fix for the G3 and external microphone support? Any chance you can add the external microphone support to the second USB port so we can charge and use external mic without the need of a adapter cable? Make the first port power and data only, then make the 2nd port the...
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    Will battery charging and external mic work at same time?

    Why is the cable MONO only? I hope you guys just add a 3.5mm microphone port in you next camera or add a second mini usb port just for the mic. You have two USB ports in the G3 but the second only supports the GPS and slave cam.
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    Suggestions for Git4 Please read Gitup (or whatever your next cam is called)

    Hi, I have a Git2 and a G3 and the biggest frustration with both of these is the ability to use a external power source and a external mic at the same time. While there is a cable it's MONO only for some reason. For your next camera please add a 3.5mm microphone jack or add another USB port...