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    Consensus on basic settings? (bitrate, loop recording, wdr, exposure, g-sensor, etc)

    You need to research this further. What you're describing is the wire tap laws in various states, however, the wire tap laws don't apply when in public. As soon as you walk out of your house, you are then in public. When in public, audio/video recording is a 1st amendment protected activity...
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    Consensus on basic settings? (bitrate, loop recording, wdr, exposure, g-sensor, etc)

    To start with, I am using modified firmware. The firmware I'm using is based on the 1.9 firmware from Viofo, but is the FWA129_MOD-8Wk_v1.90+28F+16RMbs+Sharp64+Dice Modified firmware from BC Hobbyist. Although I'm using a higher bitrate recording in the front camera @ 28Mbs, and only 16Mbs in...
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    Super blurry front cam

    That's what I was thinking. It looks like either the CPL filter has the clear plastic lens film still on it, or the dash cam it self still has a peel off protective plastic film on it. Reason it looks that way to me is it appears to have what looks like a wrinkle in it.
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    I'm a bit confused regarding the requirement to have the 3 wire kit plugged into the camera directly. I have the hard wire kit installed in my vehicle, with the plug plugged into the GPS device, and it appears to be working properly with parking mode. The video size when the car is in...
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    Consensus on basic settings? (bitrate, loop recording, wdr, exposure, g-sensor, etc)

    Bitrate: high - for higher video quality Loop Recording: 3 Min - totally subjective choice (shorter time segments make smaller file sizes and makes it easier to isolate and provide an incident to the authorities. Also, longer time segments make larger file sizes and take longer to download)...
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    A129 wifi connection to PC

    I have the app for the Viofo A129 Duo on my phone, and although basic at this time, it works fine for what you need it to do. However, it would be much easier and more beneficial at times when you happen to have a laptop with you (especially if it's to show video footage of an accident), to use...
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    A129 Duo G-force notification alarm

    A few months ago, while washing one of my cars, I noticed a large dent on the passenger door with a rub mark leading into the wheel well. It's my guess it occured in a parking lot because my wife, who was the only driver of that vehicle at that time, had no idea where or when it occured, and I...
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    Viofo dashcam app software development ideas.

    I've just installed my Viofo A129 Duo into our 2018 Honda HR-V, and I've only used the Viofo app on my phone to view the live recording in order to properly position the camera on their appropriate windows. However, there is one thing lacking with this app that I'd like to see improved. I have...
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    Viofo A129 Duo Installation into a 2018 Honda HR-V

    Today I installed my Viofo A129 Duo into our 2018 Honda HR-V. Although every vehicle is different, I'd imagine there are many similarities that can be applied, so here's what's involved for the 2018 Honda CR-V. 1. Remove the panels on the hatch, as well as the rear drivers side cargo panels...