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    Viofo App misidentifying hardware

    I have a A129 duo. Using the app it appears to be the A129 IR duo from the setting menu. On the actual camera the settings are proper for the regular A129 duo. The app worked fine at first. I have reinstalled the app and no change. I have also downloaded and reinstalled the V2.1 firmware for the...
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    How looping works?

    I don't think it is the SD card. It seems to be doing it's memory storage function fine. What I need to know first is how the looping is supposed to work when the SD card is full? It works fine until the SD card is full. It seems to be making the wrong decision on what file to overwrite.
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    How looping works?

    I want to understand how looping works. I though it starts overwriting the oldest date video file with the new one if the sd card is full. Mine seems to overwrite for the current day when the card is full but the next day it overwrites the previous day instead of the oldest video file. So while...