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    When should I turn on / off parking mode and motion detection? Can it be set at the same time?

    The parking mode include the motion detection. So when you turn on the parking mode, the motion detection will automatically work. You can always turn on the parking mode. Whether in motion detection or in parking mode, The camera will judge whether your car is parking or driving, when it sense...
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    With the Gitup G3, can I charge and use an external microphone at the same time?

    Yes, you can charge it and use the external microphone at the same time. You can buy the charging and external microphone cable here
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    What is the purpose of wifi on the viofo a129?

    It use to connect with your camera with your phone, in this way, you can set setting on your phone instead to take the camera off the mount. You can watch live view on your phone and you can playback the video on your phone. Please check this video to know the detail use of app
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    Why I need 32GB card to make the firmware upgrade for my A129? Is not working with 128 GB card ?

    It should work with 128G SD card. Is your 128GB card work well when recording? What the brand of the 128G sd card? Please try to format the sd card to FAT32.
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    when I try to set Car License Number in the Viofo App for WR1. I got an error message of setting failed:-256.

    We will soon release firmware that could support set the car number in WR1
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    Is it possible to use the action cam as an external monitoring cam? For in the garden?

    You can use it as monitoring cam, but as it designed as action cam, the function is very limited when use as monitoring cam. The battery needs continuous power if you want long time recording. The WiFi distance is 5-8m, so it can't support long distance live view.
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    I am searching if the VIOFO CAM GPS could locate my car in case carnap occurred thru VIOFO GPS?

    The GPS for VIOFO dash cam is used to record the speed and the driving route when play back the video, it can't locate a car's position.
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    What’s WDR? Do you think WDR is needed when driving?

    Turning on the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) feature for photos improves the overall exposure throughout your entire image. It enables the camera to pick up greater detail in dark shadows, while making sure that the highlights don't get blown-out, the result is a natural looking shot that doesn’t...
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    Few general questions

    You don't need to format the card after update.
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    G-SENSOR spontaneously switches to high sensitivity when parking mode enabled

    We are improving the parking mode and when everything is ready, we will release new firmware that will not change the G-sensor sensitivity. Will release it on the forum and inform you.
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    a119 boot loop issue

    If that the case, may hardware problem, please contact our support [email protected] for the returning process.
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    Few general questions

    To view the files, there are 2 ways. First as you said, take out the SD Card and use card reader. The second is just connect the camera with the computer using the short USB cable, the camera will enter to sd Card read mode. If you want to update the firmware, you can just take out the SD Card...
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    Show map with GPS info

    You could download the player Dashcam Viewer to watch the GPS info.
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    Screen frozen

    Hi, the camera still didn't work after you plug off the power and turn on again? If you use the short USB Cable, the camera will be in the microSDCardReader Mode, that's normal. Please use the long Charger cable that come along in the box.