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    Parking mode shuts off after a few minutes.

    Thanks for your reply it is appreciated, the battery is only a couple of years old at most but it has been sitting for quite a while during the pandemic, so you have a point. I'm going to pull the battery tomorrow and put it on charge and go from there. I'll report back my results. Cheers.
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    Parking mode shuts off after a few minutes.

    The unit goes into parking mode with icon changing from car to a man, so it's working. I've set the voltage to 12v cutoff. After few minutes the unit goes dark with not lights at all. I've left it for 20mins come back and press the menu button it does nothing, Switch on the ignition it boots...
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    Beta firmware.

    How does one get to test the latest beta firmware?
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    Parking mode event notification.

    Hi, I'm a new owner and new here and have a few questions. What sensitivity do people use for the buffered motion parking mode and how and in what way is the sensitivity controlled i.e what does the unit detect more or less of per sensitivity level? Is it a movement field or size of an object...