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    Speed and Coordinates stamp on video

    Depending on the scenario, unless you were going crazy fast, you going slightly over shouldn't change the other person being at fault.
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    Losing time setting since upgrade to v1.8 firmware

    Samsung Pro Endurance is the way to go.
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    Hardwire won’t turn on

    Make sure the add a fuses are good. Like make sure, you might go to your auto shop and buy some to make sure. This happened to me. I did everything correctly and found out it was the add a fuse. Took a mechanic to figure it out.
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    Are you a tech partner of some sort of Viofo? I ask, because you're making modded firmware and...

    Are you a tech partner of some sort of Viofo? I ask, because you're making modded firmware and saw a video of you putting together the IR camera. I would think Viofo would do that in-house. Just curious.
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    Long term recording

    Couldn't you have a regulator hard wired from the car to the battery and the dash can wired to the battery. That way, your camera only draws from the battery and the battery gets power from the car until the car's battery gets too low?
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    After installing Viofo a129 my seatbelt wont retract

    I was thinking you did something to the seatbelt fuse.
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    Feature request: microSD card health monitoring

    Keeping this thread alive. Viofo, everyone would like this. I don't think there's a customer who would refuse.
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    2 Wire Kit v. 3 Wire Kit

    What's really the difference. My understanding is the two wire kit has been out for a while, but isn't specifically made for the A129. However, the three wire kit just came out and is made for the A129. However, I ordered this combo kit that came with only a two wire, which works fine for a...