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    VIOFO A129 Dash Cam Firmware

    The first posting in this thread ought to be edited to reflect the most recent version number, and the link to the latest firmware ought to also be in that first posting. The reader should not be required to scroll down to some following postings to discover what the latest version is.
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    Memory consumption

    I made a correction to my estimate in the first posting. I'm OK with the ~8 hours with both cameras. It is also just about what I am getting over a group of files on my card.
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    Memory consumption

    Curious, what are you guys experiencing for memory usage? I have the A129Duo, and I am eating up about 125MB/minute per camera. That means my 128G card gets fully used in (and then starts looping, of course) in about 2.7 hours (the full 128GB doesn't get used, so I'm figuring about 118GB). That...