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    Videos Unreadable on a Mac

    Be sure to leave a review with your experience. I would also let eBay know so they can remove the listing and more people don't get scammed. $26 probably a give away that something is amiss. Did they refund your money?
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    A129 Duo Rear Camera does not work.

    Probably a defective rear camera, but still try a few other things. Make sure WiFi is off. Make sure your using the supplied Viofo 12V car adapter and Viofo USB cable. Also, try bringing the cameras and the spare rear cable inside your house and try powering with a USB wall charger. This...
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    short mini USB cable for second camera

    Not yet. Should be soon though.
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    Best way to remove camera base from windshield?

    Maybe an old credit card, or something similar, to push in under and around all sides of the mount. It should eventually be able to be pulled off. Just don't use anything that could scratch the glass. Floss should work, just some extra in case it brakes.
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    Best way to remove camera base from windshield?

    I have used a hair dryer (from the outside) a few times and works well. Just don't use heat if there are any cracks in the area. You can also use the included string to "saw" though the adhesive pad. Floss works too.
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    Corrupt Video Files on Samsung EVOPlus 256GB

    Try without using the OBD connector.
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    Parking Mode and Hardwire

    I drive about 1.5-2 hours a day (mostly highway), so my battery is probably always fully charged. If you drive a lot less your battery may not ever fully recharge every day, so each day your battery may get a little weaker. If that's the case, you may want to fully charge you battery with a...
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    Parking Mode and Hardwire

    It will all depend on battery health. I use low bitrate parking mode, with the kit set to 12.4V and the camera doesn't shut down in the 9 hours I routinely run it in parking mode. I just shut the camera down when parked in my garage.
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    60fps setting How?

    You can only do 30fps when both cameras are connected.
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    Viofo A119S V2 + GPS logger - connection problems.

    Take some tweezers and bend it back up.
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    Rear camera mirror on playback. How to reverse the reverse?

    There should be a mirror setting in menu. Make sure your on firmware V1.5.
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    A129 Duo stops recording

    Try tapping into different fuses.
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    HK3 drain power waaay below 12.4v?

    Double check your yellow ACC connection. Make sure the fuse turns off with the car. Check with a multimeter, don't assume it turns off just because what ever it powers turns off with the car, the fuse may still be live. Also, double check your ground connection. Must be connected to bare...
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    About to give up with WiFi

    Have you tried it inside the car with the rear camera cable unplugged from the main unit? If it appears to function fine in the car with the rear cable unplugged, then it’s possible the cable is picking up some interference.
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    A129 Duo and GPS module

    Yes, GPS will still work when powering the camera directly.