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    Phone connection problems

    Tried connecting to my Nokia 7.1. saying no internet connection, but WiFi is showing on dashcam and phone
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    Interference with DAB+

    Have now installed the ferrite beads and it has cured the radio interference
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    Interference with DAB+

    Have the same problem with the wife's car, but it's the AM stations. Going to try some ferrite beads to see if they cure it
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    Removable mount for a129 Duo

    Just had a look at the user manual again and I see the camera does slide off the windscreen mount. As this was already fitted when the camera was unboxed,I wasn't aware that it detached.
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    Removable mount for a129 Duo

    Is there a removable mount for the A129 duo .Just fitted camera to car and it has a permanent mount on the camera. So making it awkward for adjusting settings, as the camera can't be removed.
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    How do you slow video replay

    Hi .Just fitted an A119v3.when connecting sd card to computer it plays back at a fast speed. How do I slow it to play at normal speed. I'm no computer geek,so make it simple to understand