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    VIOFO A119V3 green stripe on display

    Unfortunately, it looks like a faulty display, I have something similar with another brand of camera in the rearview mirror. I have the strip horizontally.
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    Can the camera take photos?

    Yes, it is possible. press the center button (exclamation mark in a triangle) on the camera to take a picture. It is also possible to buy a bluetooth button that has the same function. These buttons make a locked record for protection against overwriting (in case of an accident, etc.)
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    Viofo a129 parking mode issue

    You don't have to have the parking mode switched on even when using the HW kit. Just turn it off in the camera menu. When the engine is switched off or the ignition key is removed, the camera switches off (depending on the connection).
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    Loop recording problem, A129 Pro Duo

    Thanks, good information for others with similar problems.
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    Can't get parking mode to work

    Yes, at the output, not at the input. Sorry.
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    Can't get parking mode to work

    The yellow (ACC) wire as well as the red (permanent +) voltage should be about 12 V, not 5 or 7 V. This is somewhere wrong connection or ground. In my opinion. Or the HW kit is defective.
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    Can't get parking mode to work

    Is the battery voltage above the threshold? How many volts does the battery show?
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    Loop recording problem, A129 Pro Duo

    Oddly, it works at all. The manufacturer support max. to 256 GB
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    Viofo A129 Duo Turning Off in parking mod randomly

    Possible. Set the parking mode as you would when using the HW kit. The camera will switch to the parking mode after approx. 5 minutes.
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    A129 Duo car Speed not showing

    Of course you need a GPS module (included in the mount) to display the speed. Did you buy a camera without GPS? The GPS module can be purchased separately:
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    A129 Duo transferring videos to phone

    I take the whole camera at home and connect it to the PC with a USB cable. Of course you can only remove the SD card and insert it into the card reader, but I think it does not do well on the recordings on the card - often the camera will require formatting the card. Moreover, handling a small...
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    A129 Pro Duo - Rear Camera Cable Thickness Query

    I used to have a Samsung SDXC 128GB SD card, but it was either defective or not working properly. For myself I can recommend using a card from Viofo. Now I use VIOFO 128GB MLC UHS-3 and is without problems.
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    Viofo A129 Duo - Rear camera not working

    I know from experience that there is usually a problem with the connection cable (the connector may be damaged during installation). It would like to test the camera with another cable (beware not standard USB cable - must be original Viofo).
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    A129 Pro Duo - Rear Camera Cable Thickness Query

    The cable for connecting to the rear camera is somewhat thicker and less flexible, but it certainly fits between the roof and ceiling. Likewise, inserting behind the pillar trim and possibly passing through the rubber door grommets. The work is unpleasant, but you can do it.
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    Removable mount for a129 Duo

    Unfortunately, the holder is firmly glued to the glass. The camera itself can be removed from the mount. Holder only peel off :-( I would also welcome a removable mount, especially during technical inspections, police check etc. (in our country there must be nothing placed on the windshield).