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    Impact only parking mode?

    Motion detection in parking mode has 3 levels of sensitivity adjustment. Have you tried them? Try setting it to low sensitivity and see if the camera turns on excessively.
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    A129 Will only work when a second usb is plugged in the 12v charger?

    Does GPS work on the camera? You need to power the camera via GPS module? Here on the forum you will find that in many cases it is not only inappropriate but even also undesirable.
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    A129 Duo - not recorded several days.

    A red dot in the upper left corner of the camera flashes while recording. The left red LED is lit on the camera body - the camera is recording. Even in such cases, it is advisable to save the record against being deleted by the middle button with the exclamation mark symbol or by pressing the...
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    Display image - settings

    Thank you. It's a shame :-(
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    Display image - settings

    Hello. In the camera settings you can select which camera to display (front, rear, or overlapping the other). If I set the back camera as the default view, why do I always show the front camera and the overlay the back when I turn it on? Why the camera does not remember the settings. Thanks for...
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    IR reflect rear windows defroster lines, how do I turn off the IR?

    I just do not understand why someone buys an IR camera primarily designed to scan the interior of the car and then have to solve these problems.
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    A129 Will only work when a second usb is plugged in the 12v charger?

    Well, it looks like the faulty USB charger that came with the camera. Have you tried the charger on other devices?
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    Video Output With GPS Overlay

    When the external display is connected, the camera display turns off - which should not bother. I see all the information on the external display as well as the camera display. It concerns the A129 Duo, but I suppose it will be the same for the A 119.
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    A 129 Duo - connecting cable - it may be useful to someone

    The connection cable to the rear camera contains a total of 6 wires + 1 ground, ie a total of 7 wires, even though the USB connector has 10 pins.
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    Super blurry front cam

    It really looks like a dirty lens or out of focus. Somewhere was a videoguide on how to focus the lens.
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    Not recording whilst driving

    What memory card do you use? Only durable Class 10 SD cards that meet the requirements for cameras (frequent data transcription) must be used. It is also important to have wifi turned off while the camera is operating. I don't know where you live, but try setting your time zone by 2 hours.
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    Problems with A129

    I had a similar problem once. I sent the camera for a complaint - the motherboard was defective and replaced. I hope this isn't your case.
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    Parking Mode and Hardwire

    Of course, the camera discharges the battery. Therefore, the HW kit has the possibility to set the limit values of volts so that when they reach the camera turns off completely and does not discharge the battery.
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    Hard Wire Kit Purchase Necessary?

    This is not necessary if you do not want to use the parking mode. It is also convenient to automatically turn the camera on or off when starting, respectively. turning off the car. Another advantage I see in the fixed connection through the fuse without occupying the cigarette socket