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    VIOFO A129 Dash Cam Firmware

    It would be very helpful if Viofo would always include the full 3 digit firmware version number for all dashcam models v1.03T3 = A119 V3 Beta Test Firmware v1.01 = A129 Pro v1.02 = A129 IR v1.03 = A119 V3 v1.94 = A129 Duo v4.01 = A119 V2 v4.03 = A119S Viofo Firmware Downloads =...
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    Viofo A129 settings reset upon shutdown

    charge the dashcam internal clock battery for 2 hours, see my previous post.
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    Viofoa129 Duo is glitching and stop record from time to time

    Suggest troubleshooting by selecting Menu > Format memory card then after all firmware updates always select Menu > Default Setting to reset values. If possible swap-out memory card with 32-64GB. All electric and diesel vehicle must set Menu > Boot Delay = 10 seconds. The power source must be 1...
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    Suggest troubleshooting power issue by temporarily using the socket adapter to see if dashcam turns on with vehicle ignition. If it works normally the hardwire kit is connected to incorrect fuse or defective. After all firmware updates always select Menu > Default Setting to reset values. All...
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    Wide Dynamic Range - WDR On or Off ?

    Suggest you try 26 Mb/s MOD-6UR , drive around the block and compare to previous footage. I use 64 GB memory cards, recording at 26 Mb/s = Front 400 MB clip + Rear 280 MB clip todays card has 44 GB of footage 2 min loop clips = 140 MP4 files = 70 Front + 70 Rear = 140 mins = 2 hours 20 mins...
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    Wide Dynamic Range - WDR On or Off ?

    Remember to disable WiFi before driving for maximum video quality. While driving there will always be blocky pixelation over complex patterns such as road surface or trees, its usually caused by low light or low MP4 bitrate. If it disappears when vehicle stops its from low bitrate. You can try...
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    WDR On or Off ?

    Wide Dynamic Range adjusts scenes with both bright and dark areas creating balanced illumination. WDR image control feature is used to brighten dark areas or darken bright areas. The effect can also increase graininess, glare or blur depending on scene composition. Image quality can actually...
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    Wide Dynamic Range - WDR On or Off ?

    WDR can help brighten very dark shadows or darken very bright sky. It can work well under certain lighting conditions but also degrade video with increased glare, blur and graininess. My preference is to disable Wide Dynamic Range image processing feature because of what it does to my night...
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    About to give up with WiFi

    Many owners expect instant WiFi video downloads like watching Netflix. Consider single Netflix 2hour movie is 2-4GB, the A129 can save 3 min video clips as 500MB which can take a long time over 2.4GHz WiFi. Everyone is addicted to their smartphones and any Dash Camera with WiFi support sells...
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    About to give up with WiFi

    Never enable WiFi while driving, it throttles image quality bitrate to 8 Mbps. If vehicle has its own Cell or Data or GPS unit or other Dash Cams they will all cause interference. WiFi should only be enabled while parked to configure, view or download event footage.
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    HK3 drain power waaay below 12.4v?

    Get your vehicle battery Load Tested. Never install Hardwire Kit with Parking Mode enabled using vehicle battery older than 4 years. Set Hardwire Kit cutoff switch to 12.0 volts. The Low Bitrate Recording mode will fill memory card because it records continuously at 30fps with sound.
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    High-Pitched Noise, Ring, Squeal or Whine

    Your video sample was removed. Swap out the memory card using same camera to confirm its the memory card. If confirmed as cause contact Viofo for replacement card.
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    Corrupt Video Files on Samsung EVOPlus 256GB

    Most counterfeit 64 - 256 GB memory cards use real 32GB real cards painted over to look same with hacked controller chip. Easiest way to detect fake memory cards is copy any large 3-4 GB file multiple times until past 40GB size.
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    Viofo A129 Android App - trouble connecting

    WiFi Dashcam control in one way is a gimmick, it isn't required but a convenience and very helpful for Lens angle adjustment, settings and retrieving crash footage on scene otherwise never use it while Driving for the following reasons: when WiFi is enabled it throttles video Bitrate from 16-20...
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    Very common issue when powering A129 using new 3-wire Hardwire Kit and not obvious to solve. The manufacturer didn't design the mount to work with Hardwire Kit so must instead connect power cable to side miniUSB port marked as "power" on A129 itself. It looks worse but now Parking Mode and...