A129 Duo Dash Camera Review by DashCameras.net

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DashCameras.net has recently published their review on the A129 Duo. They talk about how the new dual channel A129 is an economical option for those who like the quality of the A119, but also want an additional camera on the rear of their car:

Instead of buying two cameras for the front and rear of your car, the VIOFO A129 Duo allows you to buy one camera that out performs, has better features, and is less expensive than buying two separate A119 cameras, which was common for those who wanted a quality dual dash cam setup from a reputable brand. A129 VS A119, this camera also has Sony Starvis image sensors, which is a step up from sensors used in previous models to provide a clearer image. Both front and rear cameras on the A129 setup provide 1080p HD video. 

Improved windshield mounts on the A129:

The camera mount has also increased the amount of slots that the camera mounts into and has moved them to the side. This makes the mount feel more secure and makes it move a lot less when buttons are pressed.

They go on to highlight the improved day and night time video quality of the A129:

The visuals are slightly improved from the A119 especially at night. The images appear smoother with the A129. There is a little more detail from the A119 but the smoothness is a definite plus especially for nighttime recording. The daytime recording can get a bitrate as high as 30 Mbps for one camera and the audio is significantly better than previous versions.  

 Remote access with smartphone APP or web browser:

The app allows the user to view live video, change the camera settings, replay recorded videos, and download videos to your mobile device. It also provides http for web browsers to replay and download videos and an rtsp stream so that you can leave your car parked on the street and view the live video from your home on any device that can display an rtsp stream. 

What's their verdict on the A129?

This camera definitely holds up. VIOFO is a trusted brand that’s always trying to improve with things like better image sensors and improved features in their cameras. They might not have the most features, but the camera will likely have a solid video and audio quality. 

To read the full review, visit: http://dashcameras.net/viofo-a129/


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